Vance Global CBD Cigarettes Review

Are you searching for information about Vance Global CBD cigarettes? If so, you’ve come to the right site. In this review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this popular brand of hemp cigarettes.

Below, we’ll dish the details on everything from their reputation to the brands they sell. By the end of this review, you’ll have all the info needed to make an informed buying decision.

About Vance Global CBD Cigarettes

Vance Global CBD Cigarettes Review

Vance Global is a relative newcomer to the CBD scene, as they opened their doors in 2018. In that short time, though, their CBD cigarettes have become of one of the hottest brands on the market. Featuring a mix of organic hemp leaves/organic lavender, this company has a dedicated fan base.

According to a report in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the company sold over four million CBD cigarettes in 2019. This volume produced over $3 million in revenue, a number they expect to increase five-fold in 2020.

A visit to their website ( reveals a professional internet presence. On their landing page, Vance Global matched a crisp product shot with its core benefits. Their CBD cigarettes offer 100 mg of CBD, minus the negative aspects of tobacco cigarettes or cannabis joints. Beneath that, they back their claims with authority, citing mentions on MSN, Yahoo, and USA Today.

Vance Global maintains a social media presence on three platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. On Facebook/Instagram, they post an average of 1-2 times per week. In their posts, they promote their product, but they also shout-out their vendors and fans. On their Pinterest, they have posted photos of influencers/models enjoying their product.

Overall, Vance Global has its most significant following on Instagram, where they have over 17,000 followers. Facebook and Pinterest have lesser fan bases, with 457 and 70 followers, respectively.

Vance Global offers site visitors a variety of ways to get in touch. On their contact page, people can quickly leave a message via their form. Vance also provides their e-mail address (, phone number (414-409-0928), and mailing address (Vance Global Inc., Po Box 340815, Milwaukee, WI 53234). If you wish to contact Vance Global via phone, their office hours are Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Central Time.

Does Vance Global Have A Good Reputation?

Most buyers on the internet agree – Vance Global CBD cigarettes are legit. While you’ll find a complaint or two on these forums, most reviewers online have given Vance Global five stars.

Below, we’ll dive deeper into the feedback we’ve found online about Vance Global CBD cigarettes.

Luke is one of many pleased customers who have left reviews on For unexplained reasons, he had to quit cannabis. After trying other products, he settled on Vance Global CBD cigarettes and hasn’t looked back since.

Of course, reviews on official manufacturer sites likely give a slanted picture. These hosts have editorial control over comments, so we thought it best to check other reseller sites. This one offers a positive but balanced review. Taryn got the CBD hit she was seeking with Vance Global. However, she did nitpick the paper Vance Global used, as it burned unevenly.

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And then, there’s Reddit. Redditors are the hardest people on the internet to please. To be fair, we read other threads where Vance Global CBD cigarettes pleased some Redditors. But, in this thread, the original poster uploaded a video where he revealed hemp seeds and stems in his pre-roll. Commenters went on to criticize the low-quality “trim” and extolled the virtues of rolling your own.

What Does Vance Global Sell?

Vance Global sells two types of CBD cigarettes – PURE and their All-Natural Blend. They also sell jarred CBD hemp flower and official Vance Global apparel. In keeping with federal law, all smokable products contain less than 0.3% THC. Both cigarette products include a biodegradable filter (expires within 17 days) that allows for high airflow.

PURE CBD CigarettesVance Global PURE CBD cigarettes contain only organic hemp leaves, and boast 150 mg of CBD per pre-roll. Each pack of PURE contain ten CBD cigarettes, while each carton contains ten packs.

All-Natural Blend CBD CigarettesVance Global All-Natural Blend CBD cigarettes contain a blend of organic hemp leaves and lavender. Each pre-roll boasts 100 mg of CBD. Each pack of All-Natural Blend contain ten CBD cigarettes, while each carton contains ten packs.

Half & Half Carton – Contains five packs of All-Natural Blend and five packs of PURE.

Hemp Flower – Jarred hemp flower. Contains 15% CBD, and sells in 3.5g and 7g jars.

Apparel – Stan Vance Global by buying one of their branded t-shirts or hoodies.

Where To Get Vance Global CBD Cigarettes

In addition to being available online, Vance Global has brick-and-mortar distribution deals. Look for their products in vape/smoke shops, CBD stores, and gas stations across the USA.


The first two years are rife with growing pains for any company. However, Vance Global seems to have handled it well. They have a CBD cigarette product that is getting rave reviews online, and sales are rising fast. Despite the youth of this company, it seems Vance Global is already a leader in the hemp cigarette space.