Hemptrance CBD Cigarettes Review

Hemp cigarettes are hot right now. If you’ve come across Hemptrance, you might be wondering if they’re worth purchasing. In this review, we’ll see if Hemptrance CBD cigarettes are all they’re cracked up to be.

About Hemptrance CBD Cigarettes

Hemptrance CBD Cigarettes Review

Right from the jump, Hemptrance makes a bad first impression. While their CBD cigarette packs are sharp, their URL – hemp-trance.com – turns up nothing.

We quickly learned that Hemptrance is not a company but a brand. There are multiple companies behind the manufacture of their CBD products. With regards to their line of hemp cigarettes, Hemptrance lists “Mr CBD Products” as their manufacturer.

Mr CBD Products does have a website, but, to be frank, it is a tad underwhelming and unprofessional. Their landing page consists of a simple WordPress theme anyone could purchase for $20. In their shop, they sell Hemptrance CBD cigarettes – but they also sell others, like Wild Hemp and Vance Global. This leads us to believe they have a licensing agreement with the actual people behind Hemptrance.

In addition to having no web presence, you can’t find Hemptrance (or their parent company) on social media either. There are no official accounts for Hemptrance on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Searches for “Hemptrance” on each platform only turn up re-seller accounts or consumer reviews.

As you may have figured out, there’s no way to contact the people behind Hemptrance directly. However, in the case of Hemptrance CBD cigarettes, you can use the “contact us” page at Mr CBD Products. Here, you’ll find a live chat client and a contact form.

Does Hemptrance Have A Good Reputation?

Anybody who does research on Hemptrance can easily find reasons to distrust them. Despite this, however, their CBD cigarettes consistently get great reviews on re-seller websites. While Reddit is usually a source of withering criticism, even users there expressed satisfaction.

The site above has the most reviews of Hemptrance CBD cigarettes by far, with 203 customer reviews. Collectively, they have given this product a rating of 4.4/5. Buyers repeatedly mention how flavorful and smooth Hemptrance cigarettes are. Most complaints are regarding shipping issues, but some say that their CBD cigarettes were too loosely-rolled.

Hemptrance, according to many smokers, has a stronger smell than other CBD cigarettes. Some people hate this. However, others, like Leafly reviewer “bbbailey,” can’t get enough. He loved Hemptrance’s “strong” smell, as well as the fact that they contain 12% CBD.

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Hemptrance’s edibles have attracted considerable criticism from Redditors. On the other hand, its users like their CBD cigarettes. In this Reddit thread, the original poster was disappointed in the lack of CBD content in Hempettes. In response, /u/rawdanny recommended Hemptrance, which boasts over 100mg of CBD per cigarette, as an alternative.

What Does Hemptrance Sell?

Hemptrance is currently selling two lines of CBD cigarettes – regular and menthol.

Regular – Hemptrance’s standard blend of hemp leaves.

Menthol – Offers a cooling sensation to go with their blend of hemp leaves.

Hemptrance CBD cigarettes come in a metallic tin. Customers can purchase Hemptrance hemp cigarettes by the pack (10 cigarettes) or by the carton (10 packs/100 cigarettes). They contain organic, non-GMO hemp leaves. Each cigarette contains 120mg of CBD, or 1,200mg per pack. This product also contains other, naturally-occurring cannabinoids/terpenes such as CBN, CBC, and CBG.

Third-party labs have tested this product, and certify that it contains less than 0.3% THC. You can review its lab report at mrcbdproducts.com/lab-results/.

Where To Get Hemptrance CBD Cigarettes

According to social media posts, Hemptrance sells its products in venues like vape shops, gas stations, and tobacconists. However, it’s most convenient to purchase their products online. You can easily find packs of their CBD cigarettes on most major re-sellers.


Hemptrance is a brand cloaked in mystery. The controversy surrounding their edible line is doing them no favors. But, according to accounts we’ve read, it appears Hemptrance CBD cigarettes are indeed legit.