Colorado Pure Hemp Cigarettes Review

If you’re interested in Colorado Pure Hemp Cigarettes (Sticks), you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’ll analyze the reputation of this CBD cigarette company. We’ll also talk about the products they sell.

By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of the CBD hemp cigarettes that Colorado Pure offers. As a result, you’ll be able to make an informed buying decision. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

About Colorado Pure Hemp Cigarettes

Colorado Pure Hemp Cigarettes Review

It’s unclear how long CPH Distributors (the company that owns the Colorado Pure brand) has been around. However, according to our search analysis, a LinkedIn profile first mentioned CPH Distributors LLC in August 2018.

At the time of this review, this company had yet to celebrate its second anniversary online. Yet, despite their youth, they’ve gotten their foot in the door. According to Google Trends, “Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks” received search spikes several times in 2019 and 2020.

CPH Distributors sells Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks on their website at Here, they feature their CBD cigarettes and other CBD products, like tinctures and edibles. On their landing pages, they tout the quality of their hemp. They claim it is organic, non-GMO, and free from pesticides.

Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks maintains a social media presence on two platforms – Facebook and Instagram. 4,300 follow them on IG, while 500+ follow Colorado Pure’s posts on Facebook.

While these accounts post regularly (3-5x per week), they focus almost exclusively on marketing their products. As a result, their engagement stats aren’t great. Their FB posts barely have any likes or comments – when they do, it’s usually one specific user that does (Muzani Ahmad).

It’s a similar story on Instagram. Despite having well over 4,000 followers, the “likes” on Colorado Pure’s posts are in the single digits. Some posts show a comment count, but when you click on them, you usually can’t see any.

CPH Distributors offers site visitors several ways to get in touch. They have a contact form, and they also offer an e-mail address ( Those wanting to contact Colorado Pure by phone can do so by dialling (702) 540-3577. Lastly, you can direct snail mail inquiries to 8275 S Eastern Ave, Ste 200-874, Las Vegas NV 89123.

Does Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks Have A Good Reputation?

For the most part, Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks enjoys an excellent reputation. Most reviews on reseller websites are positive, while reviewers on Reddit were more skeptical. Below, we’ll feature reviews that caught our eye.

Tobacco smoking is a habit that can be fiendishly hard to break. Tiffany recently bought a pack of Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks. While the scientists have not settled this question yet, Tiffany offers anecdotal evidence of her experience with this CBD cigarette brand.

Christiane also chimes in with a mostly positive review. As someone who had major back surgery, she loved her experience with Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks. However, she also remarked that this product got harsher as she smoked them.

Read more on Reddit

There isn’t much buzz on Reddit regarding Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks. However, we did find a post that criticized its flavor and effectiveness. Hyperbole about “sawdust” and “grass clippings” aside, this post mirrors complaints on other sites about Colorado Pure’s smoothness.

What Do They Sell?

CPH Distributors sells more than Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks – they also hawk tinctures and edibles. However, on this site, we focus exclusively on CBD and hemp cigarettes.

Colorado Pure offers two types of CBD cigarettes – their regular hemp sticks and menthol-flavored hemp sticks. In accordance with federal law, both products contain less than 0.3% THC. CPH Distributors also provides lab tests for both products, which were conducted by an independent third-party.

Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks Twenty pre-rolled hemp cigarettes per pack. Contains organic CBD hemp flower. Contains “high” levels of CBD. Also sells in cartons of ten packs (200 CBD cigarettes per carton).

Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks (menthol)Twenty pre-rolled hemp cigarettes per pack. Contains organic CBD hemp flower. Offers the crisp, refreshing flavor of menthol. Contains “high” levels of CBD.

Unlike other CBD cigarette brands, Colorado Pure makes no promises concerning the amount of CBD per pack. In a marketplace that demands transparency, this decision is a curious one.

Where To Get Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks

You can purchase Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks direct from CPH Distributors, or via resellers like Colorado Pure also has limited distribution in smoke, vape, and CBD stores across America. To check availability in your area, click on “Stores” in the top menu bar on


Colorado Pure is one of the newest entrants in the CBD cigarettes market. However, their marketing efforts appear to be falling flat. The whole point of social media to create engagement – instead, Colorado Pure uses FB/IG as a megaphone. In doing so, this company has gotten next-to-zero results.

Yet, despite these stumbles, Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks is a great product. With many positive reviews on reseller sites, these CBD cigarettes could make a breakthrough soon. If their parent company can find a way to turn their social strategy around, this may happen sooner rather than later.