Chief Stix CBD Cigarettes Review

Want to learn more about Chief Stix CBD cigarettes? This review will reveal everything you need to know about this hemp cigarette brand.

Like other Chief Stix reviews, we’ll cover their background and CBD products they have for sale. Follow us below, and we’ll reveal everything we know about this CBD cigarette company.

About Chief Stix CBD Cigarettes

Chief Stix reviews

There’s no clear information about when Chief Stix’s founders launched their company. However, according to search analysis, no trace of their product existed before 2017. As such, it’s reasonable to conclude that they are relatively new player in the CBD cigarette market.

However, that hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of the biggest names in this space. Chief Stix has done this despite lacking the press coverage other companies have gotten. The endorsement of popular rapper Rick Ross has helped, as has a strong social media presence and producing a quality product.

It all starts with their website. Each chunk of the landing page hammers home the benefits of their product. From their pitch to testimonials, feels like a compelling product before you’ve even placed an order.

Chief Stix has accounts on four social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Their fan base lives overwhelmingly on Instagram, where they have 32,500 followers. Their other accounts have trivial numbers of followers – for instance, Twitter is a distant second with 547 followers.

The Chief’s social media manager appears to have noticed. They regularly updated their Facebook and Twitter feed up until April 2020, when the posts suddenly stopped. Meanwhile, engagement continues as usual on Instagram. If you want to connect with them, do it on IG. For those primarily on FB or Twitter, though, this feels a bit unfair.

They provides one primary way to get in touch. On their “contact us” page, they have a contact form. They also encourage engagement through their social media accounts. With a lack of traffic on platforms that aren’t Instagram, we recommend sending them a message on FB or Twitter.

Does Chief Stix Have A Good Reputation?

Chief Stix enjoys an excellent reputation, both in real life and online. Rapper Rick Ross has endorsed this product, and most of the reviews we’ve seen back up the hype. Below, we’ll share some of the highlights we found on various sites.

Chief Stix’s main website had three reviews on its two products. All three were five-star reviews and praised the product, as well as Rick Ross’ endorsement. For a more balanced view, we went over to a popular reseller. Here, most people echoed what reviewers on the official site said. Again, some referenced Rick Ross’ endorsement as a reason for buying. Testimonials work!

Read it all here

As usual, Reddit offers the most uncompromising feedback on the internet. In this video review, the original poster lauds Chief Stix for being Native American owned and their CBD cigarette’s discreet look. However, he did voice displeasure with its flavor.

Don’t take Reddit reviews as the gospel truth, though. Sometimes, humans present speculation as fact – a troubling trend these days. The first commenter reacted to an in-depth review left by a fellow Redditor. They claimed, without concrete evidence to back most of their claims, that there was “no way” that Chief Stix was 100% flower.

The original reviewer replied, saying they had broken the cigarette apart. When they did, they mostly found flower fragments – not trim as the first commenter mentioned.

What Does Chief Stix Sell?

Currently, they sells two types of CBD cigarettes – Originals and Light. Following federal law, all products they sell contain less than 0.3% THC. Both lines have lab tests, biodegradable filters, and are made in America.

Chief Stix OriginalsTen pre-rolled hemp cigarettes. Contains 100% hemp flower. 600 mg of CBD per pack. They are also sold in cartons (ten packs per carton).

Chief Stix Light – Ten pre-rolled hemp cigarettes. Contains a mix of hemp flower and leaves. 500 mg of CBD per pack.

Where To Get These CBD Cigarettes

You can find these CBD cigarettes both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Online, you can purchase them through their official website, or online resellers. On, you can find a smoke/vape shop nearest you that sells Chief Stix. Click “Find …” on the top menu bar, and find a retailer on their map app.


In the race to achieve CBD cigarette supremacy, Chief Stix has done well over the past two years. They have a high-quality product which has attracted celebrity endorsements – a crucial deciding factor for some consumers.

Not all is perfect – they may have to work on improving the flavor of their product. As of now, though, Chief Stix is in a position that makes it easy to make needed adjustments.