Aspen Valley CBD Cigarettes Review

In your search for quality hemp cigarettes, you have come across Aspen Valley. Are Aspen Valley CBD cigarettes any good? In our comprehensive review, we’ll see if their CBD cigarettes live up to the hype.

About Aspen Valley CBD Cigarettes

Aspen Valley CBD Cigarettes review

Firstly, know that Aspen Valley is a brand, not the name of the company that creates these CBD cigarettes. Pure CBD Exchange, founded in 2016, is the firm behind Aspen Valley. According to Rolling Stone, they decided to “go all-in” on CBD flower, as they saw an unmet need for quality smokable CBD-rich/THC-free hemp.

Their website ( gets to the point immediately, as they have photo links to popular products – CBD cigarettes included. In addition to their well-stocked shop, they offer an in-depth guide to CBD and their latest lab test results.

Pure CBD Exchange has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Sadly, their engagement with these platforms leaves a lot to be desired. They last posted on Facebook in May 2019, and Twitter in February 2018.

These days, they create content on Instagram for their 7,600 followers. Most posts promote the various products they sell, Aspen Valley CBD cigarettes included. Some posts advertise sales and their e-mail list. Most commenters appear to be industry accounts, with the occasional shout out from happy customers.

On their contact page, Aspen Valley offers customer support via e-mail ( or text (530-436-6386) only. Phone support is available – however, customers must book an appointment via e-mail/text first.

Does Aspen Valley Have A Good Reputation?

The buzz around Aspen Valley CBD cigarettes is mostly positive, especially since their feature in Rolling Stone. Oddly enough, though, there doesn’t appear to be many reviews on reseller sites. In our research, we only found one entry on Leafly.

However, the reaction on Reddit appears to be mostly positive. We’ll break down what we found below.
As we mentioned, Aspen Valley CBD cigarette reviews are nearly impossible to find on reseller sites. The one exception at press time – Leafly. They had one solitary review from user Scruffyscorn, who praised the product for calming them.

Aspen Valley may have a great product, but word-of-mouth is crucial for future growth. They need to do a better job of encouraging customers to leave reviews. They could start by allowing customers to leave reviews on their site. Other sellers of CBD cigarettes have done this and experienced great success.

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Reddit doesn’t suffer lousy hemp cigarettes gladly. They aren’t marketers – users on this site tell things like they are, and in doing so, pull no punches. That’s what makes this review such a glowing endorsement of Aspen Valley CBD cigarettes. The reviewer complimented the products for using high-quality hemp flower, and not trim. They loved its robust smell and how it burned cleanly like a conventional cigarette.

Other reviews on Reddit cover Aspen Valley’s other smokable products. In addition to their CBD cigarettes, they also sell CBD pre-rolled joints and glass jars containing CBD flower. All the threads we found showered praise on these products. In this one, its commenters laud Aspen Valley’s mission to create CBD hemp flowers on par with THC cannabis flowers.

What Does Aspen Valley Sell?

Aspen Valley sells more than just CBD cigarettes – they also sell CBD and CBG pre-rolled joints, and CBD and CBG jarred hemp flower. However, their packs of hemp cigarettes are their most popular offering by far. Per federal law, all products contain less than 0.3% THC.

CBD Hemp Cigarettes

Aspen Valley sells its CBD hemp cigarettes in packs of 20. They also offer cartons that contain ten boxes per package. Each cigarette contains approximately 0.85g of hemp leaves with a 10% CBD content, with no harmful additives. Unlike Aspen Valley’s pre-rolled joints, their CBD cigarettes contain a filter for a smooth smoking experience.

Pre-Rolled CBD Hemp Joints

Aspen Valley sells its prerolls in packs of 12. They also have cartons that contain ten packs per package. Each CBD joint contains about 1g of CBD flower. As of this review, the offer the following strains:

Lifter – A sweet-smelling and tasting strain that offers hints of blueberries and tropical fruit.

Kush Hemp – This lemony/grassy smelling strain has an intense woody flavor you won’t soon forget.

Suver Haze – This tart yet sweet strain packs in the terpenes.

Hawaiian Haze – The floral scents of this strain will evoke memories of the Hawaiian Islands.

Sour Space Candy – As the name suggests, smokers will notice hints of tart apples and cherries.

CBD Hemp Flower

Aspen Valley sells CBD hemp flower in 7 and 28-gram jars. They also sell bulk CBD flower in 1/2 and 1 pound allotments. As of this review, they offer the same strains mentioned above, plus:

Siskiyou Gold – This strain, which has a similar appearance to indica cannabis, offers delightful lemongrass and citrus smells.

Frosted Lime – Smoke this, and you’ll enjoy a sense of peace accented by hints of lime.

Pre-Rolled CBG Joints

Aspen Valley sells their prerolls in tubes of 2, packs of 12, or cartons of 10 packs/package. Each “White Whale” joint is CBG-dominant – a cannabinoid that has beneficial properties of its own.

Where To Get Aspen Valley CBD Cigarettes

According to most accounts, consumers primarily purchase Aspen Valley CBD cigarettes online. You can buy direct from, or various resellers.

However, according to Redditors and posts on Twitter, some cigar, vape, and CBD shops carry Aspen Valley. Local availability may vary – if you can’t find Aspen Valley, online sellers can ship them to you within days.


In four short years, Aspen Valley has become a provider of high-quality smokable hemp flower. Their product is solid, but they need to work on their marketing. On the Reddit threads we reviewed, some hesitated to purchase this product due to the lack of reviews. By doing a better job of encouraging reviews, they could become an industry leader in the short-term.